by Hotheads

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released August 28, 2016

Hotheads Personnel: Darien Downey - Drums, Emma Hendry - Bass, Reggie McCafferty - Lead Guitar, Darren Nanos - Guitar, Shaun Spencer - Vocals. Recorded March - August 2016.
(All Instrumentation on this recording performed by Darren Nanos. All leads by Shredgie McCafferty.)



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Hotheads New York, New York

7/28 w/Guilt Parade, Soft Grip, and Illusion @ Silent Barn - Brooklyn, NY

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Track Name: Make It Hotro
Track Name: Can't You See?
Chip on my shoulder?
There's concrete block
Trudging this same path
All I got is shit luck
GRIM - I bear it
Do you want the truth?
There's no solution
Stuck on this earth
Staring through the glass
Take a look through my eyes
Can't you see what I see?
Take a look around
You're fucking up man
Might as well be buried in the ground
Track Name: Wasting My Life Away
My head's a mess
Knotted up
I'm strangled
There's nothing I can do
Gotta get outta here
I want nothing from you
Trying to survive
Day in, day out
Searching for my own escape route
I'm begging you to set me free
I can't take this shit anymore
Gotta break outta this cycle
Before I lose my mind
Wasting my life away
Locked up in this cell
Release me from this living hell
Track Name: Your Scheme Is Through
You act like you've got something to prove
To prove you're worth your weight
Searching and searching
Who are you trying to find?
Gotta show off, can't take a stance
You think you're the judge
When you're really on trial
Playing your games
I see right through
Keep trying to climb
Rung by rung by rung
Til you fall
Keep faking it til you break through
Think you're gonna suceed
You think you're the judge
When you're really on trial
You think you're the judge
But you're living in denial
What you seek is seeking you
Caught in the act
Your scheme is through
You act like you've got something to prove
Can't live without trying to
Playing your games
See right through
Keep faking it
What you seek is seeking you
Caught in the act
Your scheme is through
Track Name: Hothead
You put my back to the boards
And expect me not to act?
Patience and composure
Are qualities I lack
I'm no angel, I ain't no saint
But at least I can show some restraint
When a few more seconds
Tick off the clock
That's when you're gonna find me
In the box
Your actions, you don't think through
Now I'm on the brink trying to keep my cool
But you're such a fuckin fool
Let's make this abrupt
Cause I'm gonna erupt
And if I'm outta line
Well I gave you your time
How much can I take
Before I drop the gloves
Cause I'm about to break!
I tried to be calm
I'll have to try again
If you're looking for me
I'm at my wit's end
You antagonize
You're giving me shit
I've had enough
Now it's time for you to quit